What is your operating system? 95% computers run on Windows OS or Mac Os. Why not Unix? This system exists for almost fifty years but is still one of the least popular ones among average users. This situation raises more and more questions without answers. Users browse the web to unveil what is actually wrong with Unix. Today there are two factions of people:

  1. those who believe there is nothing better than Unix;
  2. those who share the opinion that this operating system is absolutely useless.

Before choosing the side we want to share some of the most popular pros and cons users provide when asked about it.


Unix has a multi-user interface, but each file created or saved on PC suggests three types of access: read, write, and execute. Together with this feature, this system is almost impossible to hack. Its file system differs much from what we used to work with when dealing with Windows or Mac OS. It is way more complicated. All files protection is based on privileges given to particular file.


Unix has a powerful internet society. All users of this system are members of it. Whenever any bug or glitch is revealed – they share their discovery at one of local forums to find the solution as soon as possible. Developers monitor such topics on a regular basis.


Unix is absolutely free. If you want to install one, the disc will be sent to you by mail without any charges. Unlike Windows or Mac which updates cause users a lot of troubles (slowing down the PC or changing interface completely), Unix updates by its versions only.


It is not a secret that Windows users are victims of commercial spying. This is why most of them are covering their webcams when not using ones or browsing through the web via VPNs and other special tools. Data are sent to Microsoft occasionally. Nobody will spy on Unix users.

Taking into consideration all these pros one can hardly believe such a wonderful OS is still not #1 in the world. It actually has a number of cons which explain everything.


It is definitely not user-friendly. Learning its interface takes weeks or even months. But still some users can be at a loss when there is a need to try some new option or file type.


No developer wants to work out games and other applications for Unix as it is a commercial nonsense and will hardly bring any profit so far.

Unix OS is popular with IT specialists, institutes, universities, labs and other organizations that have to double protect their archives and current files. Maybe there will come a day when true value of this operating system will be seen, but for now it requires some changes.

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