Top Fixes, Updates and Patches to Unix Operating Systems

Android, Linux family, Mac OS – all of those are Unix-based operating systems and in a couple of last years many important changes were implemented to them which are reflected in the article below. Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities Fixed The patch that is up to be released by communities supporting various Unix-based systems will fix the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities that were detected couples of months ago. This will allow to increase the performance of CPU dramatically. DCCP Code Cockup Lay This bug remained unnoticed for almost eleven years and it couldn’t be fixed until February, 2017 when most of the Linux supporting communities released bug fixing soft. This exploit allowed to hack computer and control the content of files or even rewrite those. Linux Kernel Patch Against CVE-2017-15265 Bug This vulnerability allowed an attacker to change the privilege setups for the programs executing which was used for a function’s output in attacker’s needs. The thing is such a vulnerability could become a huge problem as it wouldn’t allow the programs to function normally. However, it was noticed in 2015 and since then fixed by a single patch. Linux Kernel 4.12 Update This update was performed to fix a little list of small bugs and increase the work speed of system in general. There is … Read More ›