Unix Over Windows: Pros and Cons

What is your operating system? 95% computers run on Windows OS or Mac Os. Why not Unix? This system exists for almost fifty years but is still one of the least popular ones among average users. This situation raises more and more questions without answers. Users browse the web to unveil what is actually wrong with Unix. Today there are two factions of people: those who believe there is nothing better than Unix; those who share the opinion that this operating system is absolutely useless. Before choosing the side we want to share some of the most popular pros and cons users provide when asked about it. Protection Unix has a multi-user interface, but each file created or saved on PC suggests three types of access: read, write, and execute. Together with this feature, this system is almost impossible to hack. Its file system differs much from what we used to work with when dealing with Windows or Mac OS. It is way more complicated. All files protection is based on privileges given to particular file. Adjustment Unix has a powerful internet society. All users of this system are members of it. Whenever any bug or glitch is revealed – they share their discovery at one of local forums to find the solution as soon … Read More ›