Things to Know Before Installing UNIX on Your Computer

UNIX is a famous operating system, completely based on the command executing approach. This means that you just use a command to complete any work on this operating system. There is no graphical user interface on UNIX at all. The user and the hardware communicate via commands only. Among the most useful features of UNIX, which you might want to have it on your PC for are: Multitasking (performing more than one task simultaneously through the network); Multi-user activity (logging in two systems simultaneously, contrary to Windows and DOS); Portability (very easy to install for any kind of hardware); Security. The basic architecture of UNIX is structured the following way: hardware (physical component of a computer), kernel (central part of an operating system for the low-level activity), shell (a collection of the commands, placed in one place), application software (browses, office, etc.), and user. And now, let’s try to understand how to run a UNIX terminal on your PC, having 7, 8, or 10 Windows system. UNIX Terminal and Windows First of all, you need to have a special command-line interface pre-installed in advance to be able to create a UNIX environment on your PC. Where can you get it from? There are a lot of different integrating interfaces for Windows particularly on the market … Read More ›