Effective Protection of Unix-based OS Solutions

This article is a little guide that is all about protection of your OS system from malware. Usually such a malware can be effective on your computer if there are either: vulnerabilities remaining root rights transferred You need to make sure your personal data and all files on computer are protected properly to avoid using those in fraudulent purposes. This article would be valuable for owners of devices that run on: Android Linux Mac OS All the mentioned above operating systems are Unix based. Check for Updates Constantly The best way to make your device protected from malware is to check whether it is up-to-date. The thing is the manufacturers and communities that support Unix-based systems constantly look for and find vulnerabilities and thus they release fixes to make it impossible to use those. If you manage to download and install those updates on time the chances you are going to harmed with malware are at minimum. Moreover, these fixes are usually improving the performance of your device. Use Antivirus Yes, this is an obvious advice, but still there are surprisingly many people who do not really install certified antivirus software and thus often get viruses on their devices. Usually the main reason not to install an antivirus is the fact it takes too much … Read More ›