10 Things to Know Before Applying for a Personal Loan

Do you need a financial assistance for buying a new car, going on holidays, or moving to a new house? Whatever you need, a personal loan is a great way to get the additional financial help you want, fast and easy. But how can you manage it quickly and efficiently? How can you prepare to get that personal loan, which will work for you particularly? There is a couple of things you should take into account before applying for the loan. Let’s find out what those ten important things are. Getting a Personal Loan Have you ever researched why some banks reject their clients in approving a personal loan over and over again? A repeated denial is a common thing. To tell you the truth, many people face this problem more than a couple of times. They need money for some big purchase or huge event but can’t get their approach approved by the bank. So, what is the problem and how can one avoid it when applying for the first time? If you want to get a personal loan fast and easy, you have to remember a couple of very important things when approaching the bank. You should have: A reliable credit history. Having a poor credit history is the number one reason why … Read More ›

Unix Over Windows: Pros and Cons

What is your operating system? 95% computers run on Windows OS or Mac Os. Why not Unix? This system exists for almost fifty years but is still one of the least popular ones among average users. This situation raises more and more questions without answers. Users browse the web to unveil what is actually wrong with Unix. Today there are two factions of people: those who believe there is nothing better than Unix; those who share the opinion that this operating system is absolutely useless. Before choosing the side we want to share some of the most popular pros and cons users provide when asked about it. Protection Unix has a multi-user interface, but each file created or saved on PC suggests three types of access: read, write, and execute. Together with this feature, this system is almost impossible to hack. Its file system differs much from what we used to work with when dealing with Windows or Mac OS. It is way more complicated. All files protection is based on privileges given to particular file. Adjustment Unix has a powerful internet society. All users of this system are members of it. Whenever any bug or glitch is revealed – they share their discovery at one of local forums to find the solution as soon … Read More ›

Things to Know Before Installing UNIX on Your Computer

UNIX is a famous operating system, completely based on the command executing approach. This means that you just use a command to complete any work on this operating system. There is no graphical user interface on UNIX at all. The user and the hardware communicate via commands only. Among the most useful features of UNIX, which you might want to have it on your PC for are: Multitasking (performing more than one task simultaneously through the network); Multi-user activity (logging in two systems simultaneously, contrary to Windows and DOS); Portability (very easy to install for any kind of hardware); Security. The basic architecture of UNIX is structured the following way: hardware (physical component of a computer), kernel (central part of an operating system for the low-level activity), shell (a collection of the commands, placed in one place), application software (browses, office, etc.), and user. And now, let’s try to understand how to run a UNIX terminal on your PC, having 7, 8, or 10 Windows system. UNIX Terminal and Windows First of all, you need to have a special command-line interface pre-installed in advance to be able to create a UNIX environment on your PC. Where can you get it from? There are a lot of different integrating interfaces for Windows particularly on the market … Read More ›

Effective Protection of Unix-based OS Solutions

This article is a little guide that is all about protection of your OS system from malware. Usually such a malware can be effective on your computer if there are either: vulnerabilities remaining root rights transferred You need to make sure your personal data and all files on computer are protected properly to avoid using those in fraudulent purposes. This article would be valuable for owners of devices that run on: Android Linux Mac OS All the mentioned above operating systems are Unix based. Check for Updates Constantly The best way to make your device protected from malware is to check whether it is up-to-date. The thing is the manufacturers and communities that support Unix-based systems constantly look for and find vulnerabilities and thus they release fixes to make it impossible to use those. If you manage to download and install those updates on time the chances you are going to harmed with malware are at minimum. Moreover, these fixes are usually improving the performance of your device. Use Antivirus Yes, this is an obvious advice, but still there are surprisingly many people who do not really install certified antivirus software and thus often get viruses on their devices. Usually the main reason not to install an antivirus is the fact it takes too much … Read More ›

Top Fixes, Updates and Patches to Unix Operating Systems

Android, Linux family, Mac OS – all of those are Unix-based operating systems and in a couple of last years many important changes were implemented to them which are reflected in the article below. Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities Fixed The patch that is up to be released by communities supporting various Unix-based systems will fix the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities that were detected couples of months ago. This will allow to increase the performance of CPU dramatically. DCCP Code Cockup Lay This bug remained unnoticed for almost eleven years and it couldn’t be fixed until February, 2017 when most of the Linux supporting communities released bug fixing soft. This exploit allowed to hack computer and control the content of files or even rewrite those. Linux Kernel Patch Against CVE-2017-15265 Bug This vulnerability allowed an attacker to change the privilege setups for the programs executing which was used for a function’s output in attacker’s needs. The thing is such a vulnerability could become a huge problem as it wouldn’t allow the programs to function normally. However, it was noticed in 2015 and since then fixed by a single patch. Linux Kernel 4.12 Update This update was performed to fix a little list of small bugs and increase the work speed of system in general. There is … Read More ›